2016 Chianti Superiore DOCG Majnoni Guicciardini økologisk

2016 Chianti Superiore DOCG Majnoni Guicciardini økologisk

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Særdeles vellykket årgang hos Pietro Majnoni: perfekt til rødtkød, grill, ostebordet og til saftige og gerne krydrede saucer. Drik nu og frem til 2024.

Fra Majnonis hjemmeside:


Vineyards of origin: Porta (70%), Spareto (20%), Santo Pietro (10%)
Variety of grapes: Sangiovese 91%, Colorino 8%, Pugnitello 1%
Type of terrain: Sand, clay
Year of establishment: Porta (2001), Spareto (1995). Santo Pietro (2005)
Planting distances: 2,8 x 0,8m (Spareto), 2,5 x 0,8 m (Porta).
Aspect: South, South-West
Pruning: Guyot (Spareto) and cordone speronato (Porta)


Data of 2016 harvest
Grape yield per hectare: 90 quintals
Grape yield per vine: 1,8 kg

Grapes used for this wine are harvested 15 days after the first passages of a manual and selective harvest, at the beginning of October. Pressing and destalking, 18 days average steeping with natural yeasts.

Analytical data of must:
Sugars: 249 g/l
Acidity: 6,9 g/l

The wine spontaneously completes the malo-lactic.
Fermentation just after the alcoholic one, before the beginning of Winter. Apart from one sixth of the wine that remained for six months in oak barrels, this Chianti Superiore has matured in cement vats for 15/18 months. Refining in bottles lasts at least 3 months.


Analytical data of finished wine
Alcohol: 14,02 vol
Total acidity: 4,62 g/l
pH 3,75
Residual sugars 1 g/l
Dry extract: 31,1 g/l
Bottled production: 16.000 x 0,75 l bottles