2019 Insolito Sicilia IgT, Tenuta dell'Abate,

2019 Insolito Sicilia IgT, Tenuta dell'Abate,

Stykpris v/ 1 stk. 109,00 DKK

Stykpris v/ 6 stk. 104,00 DKK 109,00 DKK

Vejl. udsalgspris 109,00 DKK

Lagerstatus: 636 stk. på lager

Lige dele af nero d'Avola og merlot fra Lissandrello vinmarkerne ved Catanissetta. Lagret for to uger i temperaturstyrede beholdere af rustfri stål. Fremstillet uden tilsætning af sulfitter. Duften minder om brombær, rabarber og eukalyptus. Smagen er tør med indbydende bid. Bør serveres kølig: 14-16 grader. Lav alkoholstyrke : 12,5%

"My short reply is that I am a fan. I opened it and immediately started drinking and there was nice, and dominate fruits on the nose and first taste, then there seemed to be a jump to some heavy volcanic minerality. On the second day the fruits were a little subdued compared to the previous day.  But one thing was clear is that the wine just made me crave having some meat grilled over a wood fire in a warmer, more southern country. I will probably get a few bottle again so I can try them in the spring. Cheers! (V.S. 02 november 2020)